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We like to have time to say hello to your pet and to take a thorough history, so we’re clear about exactly what the full story is. We then have time to examine your pet thoroughly and discuss with you what the options are for any tests that may be required, and the treatment plans that may be necessary. And then finally we can send you on your way, hopefully better informed about your pet’s health.

Each pet that walks in through our door is unique, and it takes time to find out all the finer details that can make a world of difference when it comes to getting things right for their treatment.

It means we get to practice good medicine, without you and your pets being rushed (and we don’t charge any more than most of our neighbours, so you get very good value for money, too).

You might also notice that we don’t give many injections. It’s not that we don’t have the syringes, it’s that oral medicines as pills or liquids are often almost as quick to be absorbed as ones given by injection. And that way your pet doesn’t have to go through the whole feeling of ‘when is he going to stab me?’ every time they come in to see us.

Less fear, Less drama. We think it’s better that way.